The most important cargo ports in Spain 🌊 🚢 🏗 🏭

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Seaports are the connection point between different countries and continents, making it possible for international trade to happen.
Spain is known for its efficient and expansive maritime trade, a reputation that throughout history has generated wealth for the country.

Our maritime ports are one of the keys to our economic growth.

These are the 5 most important ports in Spain:

* Port of Algeciras: International commercial hub for tobacco, fishing, agriculture and petroleum. It manages total annual traffic loads of up to 100 million tons.

* Port of Valencia: Second largest port in Spain (and fifth busiest in Europe). Not only is its size spectacular but also its almost 90 million annual tons in cargo capacity.

* Port of Barcelona: It is divided into three zones (commercial, old port and logistics port) and has a free trade zone. It has managed to move more than 70.9 million tons in 2022. Channeling up to 22% of Spanish maritime foreign trade.

* Port of Bilbao: Associated with the commercialization of steel and iron since the medieval era. It has evolved to be an entrance to the European Atlantic trade routes and main trading port with the United Kingdom.

* Port of Castellón: Responsible for 95% of ceramic exports from Spain. Additionally, it handles significant quantities of petroleum and its derivatives, and also manages chemical products.


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